Jul 17 2011

Ways Grandparents Can Help Keep Traditional Values Alive

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There are many ways that grandparents can help keep traditional values alive. By supplementing and reinforcing the teaching of the parents, grandchildren learn a wealth of information. Teaching values begins at an early age. Toddlers must be shown to share their toys with other children, to wait their turn, and to play nicely with siblings and other children. Even at this early age training to pick up toys, help with housework, and not talk back to parents begins. Being respectful of elders is a very important value to instill in children as early as possible. As children grow older lessons in respecting authority figures begin as figures such as teachers and school resource officers enter their lives. They must be encouraged to do their best work in class and to not consider taking the easy way out - cheating. This instills the beginning of a strong work ethic. By joining a sports team, children learn sportsmanship and respect for others as well. Grandparents encourage them to follow through and not give up when the going gets hard. At school functions children learn to interact socially with others and to be kind to those who might be different. Grandparents show them how speaking in turn is appropriate and to not interrupt others. When gathered for a meal, manners are reinforced and the use of napkins and proper utensils is demonstrated to ensure proper social skills. Meal time is also a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of family and religion. Grandparents have gained much knowledge throughout their lives and can entertain as well as teach children with stories of their experiences. In this way grandparents can help to keep family values alive each and every day that they interact with their grandchildren without the children feeling as if they are being given a lesson.