Nov 14 2011

Getting In Touch With Your Roots With Latin Music

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Music has a profound way of connecting yourself to not only what's going on now, but relaying what happened back then. The sound of the drum or the percussion alone has deep roots especially in the Latin culture and takes you back to a time of an island, European vessel or African continent.

Those Latin people that have roots in the West Indies, Africa, and Brazil, there is a deep culture that stems from Africa. Samba is a big part of Brazil's music scene and it has a lot of influence from West African/African Slave trade. It's very popular in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, and other places in the Southeastern part of Brazil. There are world Samba competitions, and the popularity of the dance developed in the 1920s. This is a really rich style of dance and music with influences you can hear through the percussions as well as other instruments.

For those with more of a European kind of Spanish heritage, Flamenco is a dance that developed right in Spain. You can tell the way the outfits look and the way the dance was done it had a very sensual yet regal kind of element about it. In the 1980s, the Flamenco became very popular as people began to truly research the history and movement behind the dance. Even in the music, there were a lot of Flamenco style rhythms as well as an appreciation for more partner style dances.

Nowadays, the Latin Music scene has a big Reggaeton and Spanish Reggae kind of environment which takes from the Caribbeans in Jamaica, Trinidad as well as the Taino and Latin influence of Puerto Rico. The mixing of elements creates a more worldwide appearance and a crossover of a Hip-Hop plus Latin vibe. The roots provide great essence to yesteryear.