Jun 25 2012

The Career Outlook For Hispanics Entering The Workforce

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With the large population of Hispanics entering America, how will they support themselves and their families? The job market even for U.S. citizens is at times bleak. So, where does this leave Hispanics?

According to Manpower North America president Jorge Perez, the job outlook for Hispanics is actually quite positive.
The survey for 2012 is positive because the hiring intentions are becoming widespread which includes markets, states and regions. The outlook is positive in certain industries such as: hospitality with a 26 percent increase, transportation and utilities with a 13 percent increase and construction a 9 percent increase.

Education plays a major role in Hispanics finding employment. Education may help Hispanics find jobs in skilled industries that are desperately looking for skilled laborers in industries such as: engineering, IT staff, accounting and finance and skilled trades. Even though education may be the key to Hispanics finding work, without proper documentation, drivers licenses and social security numbers, finding employment may be a difficult task.

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