Nov 15 2011

Latin Celebrities That Make Us Proud

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Today, there are many latin celebrities, in the world of music, movies, and television which really have made a name for themselves in the industry, and really have made their nationality and country, proud of the work they have been able to do, and the success they have accomplished in the US. Whether you are a music fan, and J Lo is your favorite artist on the scene, who also crosses over into TV, movies, and into reality shows today, she is not only one of the most known latina artists, but she is also one of the highest paid celebrities in TV, film, and music today.

If you are more of a comedy fan, who loves a latin figure, Sophia Vergara, who stars in the series Modern Family, she is one of the most well known women in the US today. Thanks to her great personality, beautiful smile, and the humor she brings to the show, she has become one of the most prominent figures in comedy sitcoms today, and she is a proud Columbian woman.

No matter what genre you enjoy, what shows you love, or what movies you love, there are several latin celebrities which have taken over TV and film today.

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