Nov 06 2011

Sharing Your Culture: At the Office

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If you work in an office and you’d like to show your Hispanic pride without going overboard you don’t have to worry. There are other things you can do besides turning the break room TVs to DIRECT tv Univision and putting a giant flag across your cubicle! Here are a few suggestions:
Holidays: Holiday time is coming up and it’s the perfect opportunity to share your culture. If decorating is allowed be sure to display cultural holiday relics and feel free to answer greetings with a cheery “Feliz Navidad!”
Share Your Food: If there are occasions in your office where you’re asked to bring food, say, a birthday or a luncheon, bring something representative of your Latin culture. There’s no better way to bring people together and get them interested in expanding their view than with food.
Put Up Photos: If your office permits personal photos in your work area find some of your native land and put them up prominently. When people ask you where they were taken it’s a perfect opportunity to share your history and culture.

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