Nov 18 2011

The Top Career Choices For Recent Graduates

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Recent graduates face challenging times finding and maintaining long-term and profitable employment. The recession has driven down hiring for years now, and choosing the right industry to enter in to can make all the difference between finding great new careers and standing in the unemployment lines. Consistently strong job markets across the healthcare, information technology and sales career fields remain in-demand for strong candidates, and have maintained high levels of hiring even during tough economic times.

Health care is an ongoing need for all individuals, and as such, hiring remains strong.Check out this link here. Typically, health care practitioners enjoy high salaries, great benefits and outstanding employment prospects. In fact, many health care workers enjoy great freedom of movement, finding jobs available all over the country and finding themselves able to pack up, move to and live almost any where that they please. Educational opportunities for career growth are everywhere, and healthcare is an excellent choice for recent graduates to consider.

Information technology and computer-related fields are still growing and hiring large numbers of skilled workers. With a wide variety of work available, information technology professionals enjoy very high rates of employment, high wages, great benefits and often very relaxed working environments. Information technology is one of the top career choices for recent graduates.
Nov 16 2011

Ways Hollywood Perpetuates Latin Stereotypes Through Film And TV

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Hollywood is known for portraying and perpetuating stereotypes of different races and classes of people. It does not hold back on including Latin Americans in this visual stereotyping. Inf act Latin Americans may have some of the worst stereotyping in the history of visual media.

In television and movies, Latin Americans are almost always portrayed as gang members. When they are not being portrayed as gang members, then they are portrayed as drug traffickers. The ones that happen to miss this classification mostly fall into the category of the uneducated and overly sexed category which is even less charming. Just some examples of the types of stereotypical movies that have been produced in the past are "American Me", "Colors", "La Vida Loca", "Gang Days in LA", "187"and "Blood In, Blood Out".

These types of stereotypes that are portrayed on television and movies allow for people to keep closed minds when considering accepting other cultures. Stereotypes in television and film has been something that has fueled racial conflict and animosity over the years. These types of media could be used in more constructive ways to bring all types of human beings together. Instead it is getting worse and causing greater rifts between the races.
Nov 15 2011

Latin Celebrities That Make Us Proud

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Today, there are many latin celebrities, in the world of music, movies, and television which really have made a name for themselves in the industry, and really have made their nationality and country, proud of the work they have been able to do, and the success they have accomplished in the US. Whether you are a music fan, and J Lo is your favorite artist on the scene, who also crosses over into TV, movies, and into reality shows today, she is not only one of the most known latina artists, but she is also one of the highest paid celebrities in TV, film, and music today.

If you are more of a comedy fan, who loves a latin figure, Sophia Vergara, who stars in the series Modern Family, she is one of the most well known women in the US today. Thanks to her great personality, beautiful smile, and the humor she brings to the show, she has become one of the most prominent figures in comedy sitcoms today, and she is a proud Columbian woman.

No matter what genre you enjoy, what shows you love, or what movies you love, there are several latin celebrities which have taken over TV and film today.
Nov 06 2011

Sharing Your Culture: At the Office

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If you work in an office and you'd like to show your Hispanic pride without going overboard you don't have to worry. There are other things you can do besides turning the break room TVs to DIRECT tv Univision and putting a giant flag across your cubicle! Here are a few suggestions: Holidays: Holiday time is coming up and it's the perfect opportunity to share your culture. If decorating is allowed be sure to display cultural holiday relics and feel free to answer greetings with a cheery "Feliz Navidad!" Share Your Food: If there are occasions in your office where you're asked to bring food, say, a birthday or a luncheon, bring something representative of your Latin culture. There's no better way to bring people together and get them interested in expanding their view than with food. Put Up Photos: If your office permits personal photos in your work area find some of your native land and put them up prominently. When people ask you where they were taken it's a perfect opportunity to share your history and culture.