Jul 15 2011

Bridging The Language Gap Between Grandparents And Grandchildren

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The language gap between Hispanic grandparents and their grandchildren can be immense at times. This is often due to the ever changing cultures. Grandparents have a tendency to not completely adapt to the modern culture, so it can be difficult for them to effectively communicate with those of a younger generation.

Bridging the language gap is something may be difficult, but it is certainly doable. In order to help both parties understand their differences, try and keep the grandparent up to date on what is happening in modern culture, and help the grandchild understand traditions and how life used to be. Once the grandparent and grandchild both reach an understanding of one another, then they can begin to understand each other better.

Once both parties are on their way to understanding each other, another good thing to do is to have the grandchild study his or her native language. This will not only help with smoother communication, but it could also help the grandchild gain respect from the grandparent. Learning another language or taking the time to improve on it is a great way for the grandchild to show that he or she is making a profound attempt at closing the gap between them.

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