Jul 13 2011

Latina Moms: How Traditional Gender Roles Have Changed

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We all know that Latinas make the some of the world’s best moms. A Latina mother is sweet, strong, loving, and a little overprotective. She would do anything for her family. The image of a traditional Latina mother surrounded by at least four children yanking at her apron and helping her make “pollo y arroz” is becoming old and outdated, but the love is still there.

In these times, wives often have to take up a full-time job to help support a family. It is no longer enough for a man to be the only person in the house with a job. But being a mother is a full-time job too. Balancing the kids and a job outside the home is the challenge that many Hispanic mothers in America face today.

Those of us who have the opportunity to come home every night to make a hearty, home-cooked Spanish dish for their family are lucky. Those of us who do not have time to cook need to avoid taking too many shortcuts with fast food and packaged meals. Large pots of sauce can be cooked during the weekend and frozen to last for months. A basic supply of traditional ingredients can be kept on hand for a fast dinner. A working Latina wife really can be the loving, supportive wife and provider that her mother was while working a full time job. It just takes a little planning and lots of love.

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