Jul 10 2011

Ways To Instill Cultural Pride In Children

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The best way to keep family traditions alive is to instill cultural pride in children. Once cultural pride has been instilled in children they will have a better understanding of your customs and traditions. There are many ways to instill cultural pride in children.

The most effective way to instill cultural pride in children is to teach them the history of their people. There are many great stories that can be taught as lessons to help your children obtain pride in their culture. Tell your kids a story that you were taught as a child or find one that they can relate to. Once they understand the significance of the past they can begin to better appreciate their culture. If a child has a grandparent they can talk to that is a wonderful way to obtain a better understanding of culture since they possess wisdom that cannot be obtained through any other way but personal experience.

Another great way to keep the pride alive is to keep traditions alive as well. Traditions that have an ethnic background will be a reminder to your child that they have a deep history and they are partially responsible for keep this history alive. Traditions not only help to instill cultural pride, they also help to develop a closer family bond.

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