Jul 20 2011

How To Budget For A Large Family

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Budgeting for a large family can be a difficult proposition. However, by following some simple tips and strategies it should be possible to budget for all of your families expected expenses.
Consider the basic essential. These include housing, food and clothing. Add up all of these expenses and compare it to how much money is coming into the family. Look at the expenses and see if they make sense. If you are on a tight budget, then food should be the number one priority. Make sure that you are buying value food.
Look at how much each person contributes to the family budget and figure out why. Try to prevent waste and record how much money each person uses on a weekly basis. From this information you can reduce waste in the family that may be affecting the bottom line.
Ask your family what they are spending money on and how often they are spending it. Preparing a family budget is useless if someone is spending with total disregard to it. Its necessary to make sure everyone follows a prepared budget for it to work effectively.
Now that you know how to budget for a large family it should be accomplished simply and effectively.
Jul 15 2011

Bridging The Language Gap Between Grandparents And Grandchildren

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The language gap between Hispanic grandparents and their grandchildren can be immense at times. This is often due to the ever changing cultures. Grandparents have a tendency to not completely adapt to the modern culture, so it can be difficult for them to effectively communicate with those of a younger generation.

Bridging the language gap is something may be difficult, but it is certainly doable. In order to help both parties understand their differences, try and keep the grandparent up to date on what is happening in modern culture, and help the grandchild understand traditions and how life used to be. Once the grandparent and grandchild both reach an understanding of one another, then they can begin to understand each other better.

Once both parties are on their way to understanding each other, another good thing to do is to have the grandchild study his or her native language. This will not only help with smoother communication, but it could also help the grandchild gain respect from the grandparent. Learning another language or taking the time to improve on it is a great way for the grandchild to show that he or she is making a profound attempt at closing the gap between them.
Jul 13 2011

Latina Moms: How Traditional Gender Roles Have Changed

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We all know that Latinas make the some of the world's best moms. A Latina mother is sweet, strong, loving, and a little overprotective. She would do anything for her family. The image of a traditional Latina mother surrounded by at least four children yanking at her apron and helping her make "pollo y arroz" is becoming old and outdated, but the love is still there.

In these times, wives often have to take up a full-time job to help support a family. It is no longer enough for a man to be the only person in the house with a job. But being a mother is a full-time job too. Balancing the kids and a job outside the home is the challenge that many Hispanic mothers in America face today.

Those of us who have the opportunity to come home every night to make a hearty, home-cooked Spanish dish for their family are lucky. Those of us who do not have time to cook need to avoid taking too many shortcuts with fast food and packaged meals. Large pots of sauce can be cooked during the weekend and frozen to last for months. A basic supply of traditional ingredients can be kept on hand for a fast dinner. A working Latina wife really can be the loving, supportive wife and provider that her mother was while working a full time job. It just takes a little planning and lots of love.
Jul 10 2011

Ways To Instill Cultural Pride In Children

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The best way to keep family traditions alive is to instill cultural pride in children. Once cultural pride has been instilled in children they will have a better understanding of your customs and traditions. There are many ways to instill cultural pride in children.

The most effective way to instill cultural pride in children is to teach them the history of their people. There are many great stories that can be taught as lessons to help your children obtain pride in their culture. Tell your kids a story that you were taught as a child or find one that they can relate to. Once they understand the significance of the past they can begin to better appreciate their culture. If a child has a grandparent they can talk to that is a wonderful way to obtain a better understanding of culture since they possess wisdom that cannot be obtained through any other way but personal experience.

Another great way to keep the pride alive is to keep traditions alive as well. Traditions that have an ethnic background will be a reminder to your child that they have a deep history and they are partially responsible for keep this history alive. Traditions not only help to instill cultural pride, they also help to develop a closer family bond.