Jun 20 2013

The Top Universities For Hispanic Students

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The Hispanic population in the United States is steadily on the rise. Here are some of the top universities for Hispanic students.

University Of Miami
Although Miami is known for its beautiful beaches, the city is also one of the most culturally diverse locations in the country. The University of Miami shares that trait. For Hispanic students seeking to obtain a degree in medicine, the University of Miami offers some of the best training in the nation. Popular programs include engineering, law, marine biology, along with several other prestigious majors. The school also has an amazing athletic program.

Duke University
Duke is one of the premier private universities in the United States. The campus offers small class sizes and an opportunity to be taught by highly-touted professors. The school is also tightly-knit, so no student will be left astray. Students will be able to exchange intellectual ideas without being frowned upon by their fellow classmates.

University of New Mexico
This school is renowned for its affordability and availability of Hispanic studies. The overall quality of education is second to none. Even its Pueblo Indian architectural theme sets it apart from other campuses. Its 35 percent Hispanic enrollment is one of the highest in the country.
Apr 18 2013

Business Grants That Cater To Hispanic Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that the Small Business Administration has information about government programs open to Hispanic entrepreneurs? One of the hardest part of starting a business is figuring out where to get financing. You local SBA office has all the information you need to get started as an entrepreneur. Although the SBA does not offer funding directly, they can give you helpful advice about starting a business and obtaining funding. These offices are often run by retired business owners with decades of business experience. This is a great way to get free advice and plan for your new business. Business experts agree that planning is the key to business success.

Without a plan, you will not be able to get very far while starting your business. Develop a business plan that clearly defines your business goals. No matter how much funding you receive, you should carefully manage your money. Don't buy expensive office supplies and equipment until you have started making a profit. You can find inexpensive used office furniture and supplies on classified ads and thrift stores. Being frugal with your funding will give you a better chance for success. Experts say the most common reason a business fails is lack of funding.
Jun 25 2012

The Career Outlook For Hispanics Entering The Workforce

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With the large population of Hispanics entering America, how will they support themselves and their families? The job market even for U.S. citizens is at times bleak. So, where does this leave Hispanics?

According to Manpower North America president Jorge Perez, the job outlook for Hispanics is actually quite positive.
The survey for 2012 is positive because the hiring intentions are becoming widespread which includes markets, states and regions. The outlook is positive in certain industries such as: hospitality with a 26 percent increase, transportation and utilities with a 13 percent increase and construction a 9 percent increase.

Education plays a major role in Hispanics finding employment. Education may help Hispanics find jobs in skilled industries that are desperately looking for skilled laborers in industries such as: engineering, IT staff, accounting and finance and skilled trades. Even though education may be the key to Hispanics finding work, without proper documentation, drivers licenses and social security numbers, finding employment may be a difficult task.
Nov 18 2011

The Top Career Choices For Recent Graduates

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Recent graduates face challenging times finding and maintaining long-term and profitable employment. The recession has driven down hiring for years now, and choosing the right industry to enter in to can make all the difference between finding great new careers and standing in the unemployment lines. Consistently strong job markets across the healthcare, information technology and sales career fields remain in-demand for strong candidates, and have maintained high levels of hiring even during tough economic times.

Health care is an ongoing need for all individuals, and as such, hiring remains strong.Check out this link here. Typically, health care practitioners enjoy high salaries, great benefits and outstanding employment prospects. In fact, many health care workers enjoy great freedom of movement, finding jobs available all over the country and finding themselves able to pack up, move to and live almost any where that they please. Educational opportunities for career growth are everywhere, and healthcare is an excellent choice for recent graduates to consider.

Information technology and computer-related fields are still growing and hiring large numbers of skilled workers. With a wide variety of work available, information technology professionals enjoy very high rates of employment, high wages, great benefits and often very relaxed working environments. Information technology is one of the top career choices for recent graduates.
Nov 16 2011

Ways Hollywood Perpetuates Latin Stereotypes Through Film And TV

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Hollywood is known for portraying and perpetuating stereotypes of different races and classes of people. It does not hold back on including Latin Americans in this visual stereotyping. Inf act Latin Americans may have some of the worst stereotyping in the history of visual media.

In television and movies, Latin Americans are almost always portrayed as gang members. When they are not being portrayed as gang members, then they are portrayed as drug traffickers. The ones that happen to miss this classification mostly fall into the category of the uneducated and overly sexed category which is even less charming. Just some examples of the types of stereotypical movies that have been produced in the past are "American Me", "Colors", "La Vida Loca", "Gang Days in LA", "187"and "Blood In, Blood Out".

These types of stereotypes that are portrayed on television and movies allow for people to keep closed minds when considering accepting other cultures. Stereotypes in television and film has been something that has fueled racial conflict and animosity over the years. These types of media could be used in more constructive ways to bring all types of human beings together. Instead it is getting worse and causing greater rifts between the races.
Nov 15 2011

Latin Celebrities That Make Us Proud

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Today, there are many latin celebrities, in the world of music, movies, and television which really have made a name for themselves in the industry, and really have made their nationality and country, proud of the work they have been able to do, and the success they have accomplished in the US. Whether you are a music fan, and J Lo is your favorite artist on the scene, who also crosses over into TV, movies, and into reality shows today, she is not only one of the most known latina artists, but she is also one of the highest paid celebrities in TV, film, and music today.

If you are more of a comedy fan, who loves a latin figure, Sophia Vergara, who stars in the series Modern Family, she is one of the most well known women in the US today. Thanks to her great personality, beautiful smile, and the humor she brings to the show, she has become one of the most prominent figures in comedy sitcoms today, and she is a proud Columbian woman.

No matter what genre you enjoy, what shows you love, or what movies you love, there are several latin celebrities which have taken over TV and film today.
Nov 06 2011

Sharing Your Culture: At the Office

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If you work in an office and you'd like to show your Hispanic pride without going overboard you don't have to worry. There are other things you can do besides turning the break room TVs to DIRECT tv Univision and putting a giant flag across your cubicle! Here are a few suggestions: Holidays: Holiday time is coming up and it's the perfect opportunity to share your culture. If decorating is allowed be sure to display cultural holiday relics and feel free to answer greetings with a cheery "Feliz Navidad!" Share Your Food: If there are occasions in your office where you're asked to bring food, say, a birthday or a luncheon, bring something representative of your Latin culture. There's no better way to bring people together and get them interested in expanding their view than with food. Put Up Photos: If your office permits personal photos in your work area find some of your native land and put them up prominently. When people ask you where they were taken it's a perfect opportunity to share your history and culture.
Jul 20 2011

How To Budget For A Large Family

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Budgeting for a large family can be a difficult proposition. However, by following some simple tips and strategies it should be possible to budget for all of your families expected expenses.
Consider the basic essential. These include housing, food and clothing. Add up all of these expenses and compare it to how much money is coming into the family. Look at the expenses and see if they make sense. If you are on a tight budget, then food should be the number one priority. Make sure that you are buying value food.
Look at how much each person contributes to the family budget and figure out why. Try to prevent waste and record how much money each person uses on a weekly basis. From this information you can reduce waste in the family that may be affecting the bottom line.
Ask your family what they are spending money on and how often they are spending it. Preparing a family budget is useless if someone is spending with total disregard to it. Its necessary to make sure everyone follows a prepared budget for it to work effectively.
Now that you know how to budget for a large family it should be accomplished simply and effectively.
Jul 15 2011

Bridging The Language Gap Between Grandparents And Grandchildren

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The language gap between Hispanic grandparents and their grandchildren can be immense at times. This is often due to the ever changing cultures. Grandparents have a tendency to not completely adapt to the modern culture, so it can be difficult for them to effectively communicate with those of a younger generation.

Bridging the language gap is something may be difficult, but it is certainly doable. In order to help both parties understand their differences, try and keep the grandparent up to date on what is happening in modern culture, and help the grandchild understand traditions and how life used to be. Once the grandparent and grandchild both reach an understanding of one another, then they can begin to understand each other better.

Once both parties are on their way to understanding each other, another good thing to do is to have the grandchild study his or her native language. This will not only help with smoother communication, but it could also help the grandchild gain respect from the grandparent. Learning another language or taking the time to improve on it is a great way for the grandchild to show that he or she is making a profound attempt at closing the gap between them.
Jul 13 2011

Latina Moms: How Traditional Gender Roles Have Changed

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We all know that Latinas make the some of the world's best moms. A Latina mother is sweet, strong, loving, and a little overprotective. She would do anything for her family. The image of a traditional Latina mother surrounded by at least four children yanking at her apron and helping her make "pollo y arroz" is becoming old and outdated, but the love is still there.

In these times, wives often have to take up a full-time job to help support a family. It is no longer enough for a man to be the only person in the house with a job. But being a mother is a full-time job too. Balancing the kids and a job outside the home is the challenge that many Hispanic mothers in America face today.

Those of us who have the opportunity to come home every night to make a hearty, home-cooked Spanish dish for their family are lucky. Those of us who do not have time to cook need to avoid taking too many shortcuts with fast food and packaged meals. Large pots of sauce can be cooked during the weekend and frozen to last for months. A basic supply of traditional ingredients can be kept on hand for a fast dinner. A working Latina wife really can be the loving, supportive wife and provider that her mother was while working a full time job. It just takes a little planning and lots of love.